Life Capture

We all have an image of what reality is; but in real life, our reactions are instinctive. We give shape to the concepts that surround us that are coloured by our emotions and the way we think. Photography is the only language that can be understood by everyone, everywhere!

This is the power of photography.

PHOTOWORLD is an award winning creative studio that has been providing integrated photography services since 1978. Our creative team continues to attend seminars and workshops abroad, enriching its knowledge with new photography techniques.

We are not particularly fond of the transient fashion trends. We aim for images of high aesthetics that will remain unique and special, just like the moments they capture!

Maria Xanthopoulou

Born to a family of creative photographers, Maria came into contact with photography at the age of only 6. She loves photographs “with a difference” images that touch a person’s soul and generate emotions. Her aim is to always capture images that are “for life” and not merely in fashion… Her method of shooting pictures cannot be described with just one word.

She combines spontaneity with modern and timeless images. Maria believes that a photographer is successful when he cultivates the way he looks at things together with his aesthetics, elements that must be combined with highly advanced professional equipment. The first thing she looks for in the people she takes pictures of is their look… she understands a lot from that!

She is married to her beloved Nicholas and is the happy mother of two, Demetres and Stylianos.

Theodora Xanthopoulou

She has been involved in photography for over 20 years and her enthusiasm with it continues to grow.

She has covered hundreds of photography projects and her experience of many years is among her greatest assets. She is the person who will listen to you with great joy; she will discuss ideas with you going through the various alternatives, to arrive at the best solution for you.

She believes that the best elements of a successful cooperation is honesty, good will and the “chemistry” that develops between the parts. As far as Theodora is concerned, photography brings back emotions, creates memories and for this reason its value cannot be determined!